Cookie Policy

Cookies are small string variables that are stored in the users computer as the web page is visited. These variables keep track of some user activities like language shown or time spent in the site, mainly for statistical use and to improve the navigation.

The information collected by our cookies at is strictly anonymous.

Given that uses third parties services like Google, facebook and twitter, the cookies they store will abide by their own policies.

Some of the third parties cookies that we use in our website are:

name domain purpose expiration
ga google analytics session
NID google maps session

These cookies can vary in number, use, etc, as they are stored and controlled by third parties and depend on user activity (if the user has opened a google or facebook session, for example).

The cookies used by this web site are only linked to an anonymous user and his/her computer, and do not provide by themselves any personal information.

The use of this technology enables the web server to identify the browser being used, adapting the web page accordingly and making the navigation easier. It also helps us to elaborate statistics of its use and web trafic.

The user can change the settings in his or her browser related to cookie management, in order to be alerted when a cookie is being sent or plainly deny all access to them.

Please check this information about cookie management for the most used web browsers:



All cookies used by this web site are temporal, and are intended to enhance the transmission of information about the services we offer. In any case will be used to gather personal information.